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Who I Am

Being a cancer survivor and having to overcome many difficulties in life Taraun Collie aimed to connect  with the world the best way he could think of and that’s expression of art, the art of making someone smile from seeing them selves look there best and to capture that moment, that is what Taraun collie lives for. Having loved all forms of art and the ability to be able to express it well that’s what he lives for. Threw his mind and his creativity he was able to take the things he loved the most and transform them today as a branding powerhouse for companies and individuals who just want to take a more Professional approach towards their work of art . Originally born and raised in Chicago Illinois he has relocated to California where he now houses a global community of clients seeking the Soo Legit brand services .Dedicating his life to his craft he ventures out to unite the world one amazingly moment at a time In his famous words “ One life make it rite  “ He spends his time really making sure your next dream venture can be perfect for anyone who sees it. The branding of tomorrow can be rest assured knowing someone gives their entire all into the work leaves his customers coming back each time.

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